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  • Weekly Programming Week of March 20th- The Tracks Fitness Lab In Northern Kentucky

    TuesdayStrengthPush Press1RMWOD3 Rounds300m Run21 KB Swings @ 55/3512 PullupsBonusEMOM, alt @ 75%1 Hang Power Snatch1 Hang Snatch1 Snatch1 Hang Snatch1 Snatch1 Hang Snatch1 Hang Power Snatch1 Power SnatchWednesdayIWTA) 30 Muscle Ups for time (10 min cap)B) 3 Rounds @ 75%1 Hang Power Clean20 Double Unders1 Hang Clean20 Double Unders1 Power Clean20 Double Unders1 Clean20 Double UndersRest :90C) 15-12-9-6-3 (8 min cap)DB ThrustersToes to BarBonus3 Rounds for time10 Alt Pistols10 Box Jump Overs @ 24...

  • Weekly Programming Week of March 6th- The Tracks Fitness Lab In Northern Kentucky

    Monday     StrengthBack Squat5-3-1, 5-3-1WODAMRAP 10 minutes3 Overhead Squats @ 96/653 Lateral Bar Burpees6 OHS6 Burpees9 OHS9 BurpeesEtcBonus5 Rounds10 Staggered Leg RDL / side10 Bulgarian Split Squats / side10 Wide Leg Good MorningsMonday 6pm BootcampSplit into 2 GroupsRow 20 minutes500m Row1:00 RestAMRAP 10 minutes30 Mt Climbers / Legs20 Goblet Squats10 PushupsAMRAP 10 minutes20 Russian KB Swings10 SitupsTuesdayClean EMOM65/1*5 (Hang Power Clean)70/1*4 (Hang Clean)75/...

  • Weekly Programming Week of February 27th - Northern Kentucky CrossFit Gym

    The Open Is HERE!Great job with week 1 of The Open. It's awesome to watch everyone go hard in these WODs and do things you didn't know you could do.  Stay tuned for the week 2 announcement this Thursday @ 8pm. During The Open there will be time to do the WODs on Sunday at Open Gym and Monday until 7pm.

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