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  • Weekly WODs CrossFit The Tracks - Week of 4.13.15

    Programming Email - Week Of4/13/15 Happy Festivus! This Saturdaywe are hosting a competition, The Festivus Games.Right now we have 129 athletes registered, The Tracks has 11 members competing.We are in needs of volunteerson Saturday.Scoring, judging, parking, etc.We have shirts in the office for anyone who helps.Please sign up on the board.If you're interested in competing you can still sign-up!!!! This week we have a few changes to the schedule.

  • Weekly WODs CrossFit The Tracks - Week of 3.30.15

    Programming Email - Week Of 3/30/15 Aloha peeps. The Open is over, for most of us anyway. Some may be tackling the WODtomorrow& it looks like Melissa will be advancing to Regionals in Minnesota.

  • Weekly WODs CrossFit The Tracks - Week of 3.23.15

    Programming Email - Week Of 3/23/15 15.5 Is Here! The past 4 weeks have been a blast and the final week of the CrossFit Open is upon us.The CrossFit Open has done some great things for our box and membership engagement.A few of you have asked about the competition and how it's going.The 4 teams were created for a competition, yes ,but also to bring our members together who didn't know each other and add energy to the gym.It has done both of those and for that our in-house competition has been a ...

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