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  • WOD'S Week of February 23rd, 2014 - CrossFit Gym in Northern Kentucky

    Programming Email - Week Of2/23/15 The CrossFit Open! This year we have exciting news.We've created 4 internal teams.Those captains will build these teams through a "Draft" & "Free Agent Recruiting" this week.So Get SIGNED-UP! Just like last year we'll be doing our box Open WODs as a group on Saturdays at12noon.This will be followed by a cook-out.This will start onSaturday Feb 28th CLICK HERE TO REGISTER REMINDER- GET YOUR #s FROM SOCIAL WOD We are moving away from Social WOD, please go on t...

  • Weekly WODs - Week of 2/9/15 - CrossFit In Northern Kentucky at The Tracks

    Programming Email - Week Of 2/9/15 You're being assigned a mission, should you choose to accept it you will be find yourself in the best shape off your life by July! 1st - Register for the CrossFit Open 2nd - Register for the Festivus Games 3rd - Register for the Tough Mudder Is 2015 the year your put yourself in an uncomfortable place?A year that you take your fitness to a new level?Your 1st chance is to register to the CrossFit Open, this is a chance to measure your ability against 150,000+ Cr...

  • Weekly WODs - Week of 2/2/15 - CrossFit In Northern Kentucky at The Tracks

    Programming Email - Week Of 2/2/15   It's time to take your training up a notch.The CrossFit Open is just around the corner and you're going to have a great time. Also Spring and Summer races that many of you have signed up for will be here before you know it, so put a plan in place and get to it! Who's ready for an even BIGGER challenge?It's time to sign up for the Tough Mudder then!12 miles of obstacles that CrossFit athletes make look easy :) The Tracks will have a group at theJune ...

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