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  • Weekly Programming Week of February 20th - Northern Kentucky CrossFit Gym

    Monday     StrengthBack Squat6-4-2-6-4-2WOD4 Rounds for time (10 min cap)21 Pullups21 Wall BallsBonus1:00 Max Strict HSPU1:00 Rest1:30 Max Strict Dips1:30 Rest2:00 Max Strict PushupsSnatch High Pull + Power Snatch + Overhead Squat10 x 1 , EMOM*start at 70% , add weight after 2-4 good repsMonday 6pm BootcampSplit into Groups of 21: AMRAPAMRAP 9 min12 Single Arm Russian KB Swings (L)8 Single Arm KB Rows (L)4 Single Arm KB Front Rack Reverse Lunges / leg (L)Repeat on the Right A...

  • Weekly Programming Week of February 12th- The Tracks Fitness Lab In Northern Kentucky

    Monday     StrengthDeadlift1 RMWOD7 Rounds for time (11 minute cap)7 Thrusters @ 75/557 Chest to Bar Pullups7 BurpeesBonusBack Squat5 x 5 @ 90% of last weeks 6Monday 6pm BootcampIn Groups of 23 Rounds (1:00 each)Jumping LungesMt ClimbersHand to Hand SwingsPushupsGoblet SquatsKB SwingsSitupsRest (1:00)AMRAP 24 minutes500m Row1:00 RestTuesday     StrengthPush Press5RMWOD5 Rounds for time7 Shoulder to Overhead @ 155/1007 Box Jump Overs @ 30/24Bonus2...

  • Weekly Programming Week of February 6th - Northern Kentucky CrossFit Gym23rd

    Monday     StrengthFront Squat4-4-4 ; 90/4*2WODFor time : (12 min cap)21-18-15-12-9-6-3Chest to Bar PullupsCalories*Bonus*Power Snatch + Snatch10 x 1 ; every :90 seconds*start @ 70% , add after 2-4 good reps*not TnG1000m Jog @ 63 Rounds Calisthenics- 50' High Knees- 50' Butt Kicks- 50' Carioca- 1 Falling Start3 x 30' Sled Sprints @ bodyweight +1 x 100m Hill Sprint @ 94 x 200m Hill Sprint @ 10rest 3:00 between rounds4 x 100m Hill Sprint @ 10rest 2:00 between ro...

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