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  • Weekly Programming Week of January 9th - Northern Kentucky CrossFit Gym

    Monday  Warm-up4 Rounds5 Medicine Ball Squats5 Medicine Ball Cleans5 Medicine Ball Thrusters30-50 Single Unders + 10-15 Double UndersStrengthFront Squat    5-5-5; 90/5*2WODFor Time90-60-30 , Wall Balls180-120-60 , Double UndersBonusSnatch w/ :03 sec pause in the bottom    5x2 ; add 5-15lbs to your top triple from 2 weeks ago6PM BOOTCAMPTabata Row for CaloriesTabata Situps4:00 Row for meters1:00 Rest1:00 Situps:30 Rest3:00 Row for meters1:00 Rest1:00 Situps...

  • Weekly Programming Week of January 2nd - Northern Kentucky CrossFit Gym

    Monday  WeightliftingSnatch High Liftoff + :05 sec Eccentric + Snatch2RM , then 2 singles @ 2RM weightWODAMRAP 14 minutes :21 Overhead Squats @ 95/657 Muscle UpsScale OHS with double KB Front squatsMuscle Ups should be completed in 3 or less sets,adjust your reps in rounds as needed to meet thisBonusTall Jerk20/5*3Half Press, On Toes From Rack3-3-3 ; 3x3Build over the first 3 sets to a challenging weightthen repeat that weight for 3 setsRow0:00 - 2:00 @ ...

  • Weekly Programming Week of December 26th - Northern Kentucky CrossFit Gym

    Monday  Warm-up        EMOM for 12 , Alt6-8 Goblet Squats w/ controlled eccentric & pause in bottom1-3 Wall Walks6-8 Ring Rows w/ pause at top & controlled eccentricBanded Lateral WalkStrength    Back Squat    8RMWOD    15-12-9-6-3    Strict Handstand Pushups    Strict PullupsBonus    1000m Jog    3 Rounds50' High Knees50' Butt Kicks50' C...

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