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  • Weekly Programming Week of October 16th, CrossFit The Tracks, The Tracks Burn Class

    MONDAY CROSSFITStrengthA1) Deadlift5^5^5 ; then accumulate 15 pause reps @ 85%A2) Strict Pullup3 x 6-12A3) Pushup3 x 10-15WOD4 Rounds, every 5:00200m Run15 UB KB Swing @ 70/5515/10 Chest to Bar Pullups200m RunWeightlifting *Bonus*Pause Snatch + Hang Snatch1^1^1 ; 4x1 @ top weightboth pause & hang directly above knee.:03 sec pausebuild over the first 3 sets to a challenging weight, then repeat for 4 more setsMONDAY BURNSplit into 3 GroupsA) AMRAP 12 min12 DB Thrusters24 Alt DB Snatches (12/ar...

  • Weekly Programming Week of October 9th The Tracks Fitness Lab In Northern Kentucky

    MONDAY CROSSFITWeightlifitingSN Pull + SN High Pull + Snatch + OHSBuild to a MaxWOD4 Rounds, Every 4:0015/10 Calories on the Bike8 KB SN (L) 55/358 KB SN (R)200' Shuttle RunStrength *Bonus*Back Squat80/5 ; 87.5/3 ; 92.5/1 ; 82.5/5 ; 90/3 ; 95/1MONDAY BURNSplit into 2 GroupsA1) AMRAP 12 min8-12 DB Bench Press12-15 DB Hammer Curls8- 12 Lateral Bench Step Overs / legRest 2 minA2) AMRAP 12 min12 Wall Balls:15 Side Plank / side8-12 Single Leg Glute Bridges / legB) AMRAP 24 min1000m Row @ 8-9400m ...

  • Weekly Programming Week of September 25th, The Tracks Fitness Lab & CrossFit The Tracks Erlanger Kentucky

    MONDAY CROSSFITWeightliftingSnatch Pull + Snatch High Pull + Snatch + Overhead Squat1^1^1 ; 90/1*4Build over the first 3 sets, take 90% of that weight for the remaining 4 setsKeep the hands on the bar. Not TnGWOD4 Rounds, Every 6:00250m Row4/2 Muscle Ups250m RowWeightlifting *Bonus*Clean Pull + Power Clean + Clean1^1^1 ; 90-95/1*4*keep hands on the bar during the entire set**build over the first 3 sets, then take 90% of the top weightfor the remaining 4 sets MONDAY BURNSplit into 3 Groups2 ...

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