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  • Weekly Programming Week of June 12th- The Tracks Fitness Lab In Northern Kentucky

    MondayBURN CLASSESSplit into 2 groupsA) 2 Rounds (:45 , :15)Box JumpSingle Arm, alternating DB ThrusterCross Body Mt ClimberAlternating DB Power SnatchWall Ball CleansRotational Wall Ball Throws (L)Rotational Wall Ball Throws (R)Push-upRest 2 minB) AMRAP 20 min750m Row for time250m Row easy500m Row for time250m Row easy250m Row for time250m Row easy2 min rest5 min rest between groupsCROSSFITStrength / SkillBack Squat6^4^2 , 6^4^2*second round should be heavier than the firstWODAMRAP 10 min4 HSPU...

  • Weekly Programming Week of May 15th- The Tracks Fitness Lab In Northern Kentucky

    TuesdayBURN CLASSES!AMRAP 40 min400m Run40 Russian KB Swings30 Wall Balls20 Burpees1 min rest300m Run30 Russian Swings20 Wall Balls10 Burpees1 min rest200m Run20 Russian Swings15 Wall Balls10 Burpees1 min restCROSSFIT CLASSESStrength / SkillBring Sally UpA1) Walking Lunges5 x 5 / legA2) RDL5 x 8WODAMRAP 12 min50 Air Squats100 Double Unders*Bonus*Back Squat3x3 @ 80% of 8RMWednesdayBURN CLASSES500m Row for time5 Rounds (1:00, :00)Wall BallsKB Sumo Deadlift High PullBike for CaloriesDB Push PressRo...

  • Weekly Programming Week of May 1st- The Tracks Fitness Lab In Northern Kentucky

    MondayCrossFit WODStrength / SkillBack Squat8^8^8 ; 90/8*25-10lbs heavier than last week:03-:05 sec pause in bottom of squatWOD3 Rounds for time (15 min cap)10 Power Snatches @ 75/5510 Overhead Squat @ 75/5510 Hang Snatches @ 75/554/3 Ring Muscle Ups*Bonus*A1) Press In Split5^5^5A2) Tall Jerk3^3^3B) Split Jerk3RMBURN CLASSESSplit into 2 groupsA) 2 Rounds (:45 , :15)Goblet SquatMt ClimberHand to Hand KB SwingPushupSplit JumpSingle Arm KB Row (switch @ :20 sec)Alternating Goblet Cossack SquatsDB P...

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