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  • Weekly WODs CrossFit The Tracks - Week of 6.29.15

    Programming Email - Week Of 6/29/15 Mobility Is What You Need We all love coming to the gym to move weight and hit the WODs hard.BUT there is 1 big thing holding most of you back,MOBILITY.It's not sexy and it's not fun, in fact it can be downright painfull.Get with one of the trainers and figure out your biggest issue and then work on that for a month.The main issues tend to be wrists, shoulders and ankles.Below is a great quick video on the power of mobility. BEGINNER ATHLETES On top of our M, ...

  • Weekly WODs CrossFit The Tracks - Week of 6.22.15

    Programming Email - Week Of 6/22/15 Happy Fathers Day to all of the Dad's of The Tracks! Mark your calendars for our June Social event this Thursday, we're going BOWLING!More details will be posted on the members Facebook page and posted on the white board as well. BEGINNER ATHLETES On top of our M, W & F 6pm class you can also attend our Thursday classes all day and our 2 Saturday classes.These are Beginner friendly.AND you can also attend our CardioFit Bootcamp as part of your membership.

  • Weekly WODs CrossFit The Tracks - Week of 6.8.15

    Programming Email - Week Of  6/8/15 Few notes this week 1st -Beginners classes are at6pmMonday,Wednesday&Friday.Anyone who is new is required to go through our beginners program and then be released by trainers into our regular programming once you're to that point.Classeson Thursdayall day andSaturdayare also typically beginner friendly and you're welcome to come on those days to regular classes. 2nd -Also, due to lack of attendance, we will no longer be offering yoga on Sundays. 3rd -...

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