Each month we pick an "Athlete Of The Month." This person isn't picked because they are the best athlete, or best CrossFitter.  They get this recognition because of their effort, attitude and work ethic.  As part of being honored they get to design a WOD that we will do the following month.

July 2016

Robbi has an infectious attitude.  Every day is great when she's around and she makes everyone always smile. She works her butt off every time she steps in the gym and her dancing is on point!  Keep up the hard work Robbi.


I don't know what to say about this guy other that WOW!  You see people and make certain assumptions about their abilities and many times those aren't close.  Russell is one of those people.  To say he has a motor and can run is the understatement of the century.  I remember the first running WOD I did with Russell, I figured I had him easily beat and next thing I know he's in front of me.  He only knows 1 speed and his dedication is unmatched.  Keep up the hard work Russell!


Nina Bailey is our May Athlete Of The Month.  This lady/mom/wife knows no boundaries.  She's a BEAST!  I remember my first sprint WOD with her and as I kept waiting for her to get farther behind, she would catch up.  Whether it's running, a home WOD or a WOD at the gym she goes full speed ahead. Keep up the work Nina, you're an inspiration for mom's and young girls everywhere!


Lauren is not new to CrossFit but she has had her ups and downs.  A few nagging injuries and a beautiful baby girl didn't sidetrack this beast!  Many people let injuries point them in a different direction, but Lauren tackled her issues head on and is getting back to where she was 4 years ago.  Commitment and hard work are her biggest assets, but also being smart.  She knows her limits and knows when to scale, she knows how to stay healthy and make her gains the right way.


Our March Athlete Of The Month is Juliane Collins. Juliane always comes prepared to learn and work hard.  Like many new members many of the movements were new to her.  I'll never forget during the 2016 Open when the deadlift WOD was announched.  She wasn't sure if she could do it, so her friend and fellow Tracks member Hector, brough a bar and weights to their work and she practiced during lunch.  She's on her way to great things at The Tracks!


He's a principle during the day, but one of our best students at night.  Chad comes in every day ready to learn and improve.  He's a VERY coachable athlete and the strides he's made in the past year at The Tracks are impressive.  Keep up the great work Chad!


 If there's one constant at The Tracks it's Candice. She's a long time member and the improvements she's made have been phenomenal.  She's always puts in the extra work and is easy to coach. On top of that her smile and attitude is infectious.  Keep up the great work Candice!


 You've got to be willing to put the work in to become healthier and as Casey would say "Harder To Kill".  Shelby does just that.  On top of always being at the gym and ready for any WOD, she is one of the nicest ladies in the gym.  She's always wearing a smile and one of the first to greet a new face.  Keep in up Shelby!



Richard has found the passion. Many times new members come in the gym a few times per week their first 6 months and slowly immerse themselves into the lifestyle.  Not Richard!  From the 1st day he stepped into The Tracks he's taken his training serious and shows up like clockwork.  Keep up the great work Richard!


Vanessa's attitude and drive is contagious.  She isn't afraid to tackle any fitness task, whether it's running, lifting or an obstacle course race. She's been at the Tracks less than a year and has already brought in more visitors than anyone else.  Keep it up Vanessa, you're a rock star!


All I can say is JERRY IS THE MAN!  He's done it all.  He's served our country, THANK YOU, every type of race you can think of and now he's conquering CrossFit.  Jerry not only works out at full speed every day, but he shows up all the time.  He puts the work in to get better and it shows in his results.  Jerry, thank you for serving our country and protecting us and also thank you for pushing us all every day to be better.



1 word for Michael - Consistent.  Michael may not be the strongest or faster member at The Tracks but he is by far one of the most consistent members we have.  When I say "consistent" I mean more than just showing up.  He consistently shows a great attitude, sense of humor and more than anything a sense of community.  He's there when you need him to help and he's always willing to be the 1st person to talk to the newest member.  BUT more than that he CONSISTENTLY puts in a great effort and gives every WOD his all!  Keep it up Michael!



 He never gets down on himself, he never gives up and he is one of our most consistent athletes.  


There's one thing that Jenna isn't afraid of and that's HARD WORK!  Jenna comes early and stays late.  She's made huge strides in here OLY and mobility  We can't wait to see what Jenna does in future competitions!


Hector showed everyone what he had in the CrossFit Open this year.  It was the OHS & Pull-Up WOD where you earned another 3 minutes after you completed the reps for that round.  Most people were done after 3 rounds (9 minutes), NOT HECTOR.  He wouldn't stop and you could see the surprise on his face when he realized his hardwork was earning him 3 more minutes of pain.  Even though he was suffering and pushing his personal limits he fought through and never gave up.  


February 2015 

 Todd came to The Tracks like many members do, to "Try It Out."  Since his first day he's been dedicated to improving every time he steps into the gym.  Todd is different from many of our members though, his training carries through to his carrier as a Fire Fighter, so what he's learning could one day help him save someone. Keep up the great work Todd!

January 2015  

 Cassie is the type of person you want to be around all of the time.  Her attitude and outlook on life is infectious.  When she comes to the gym she not only comes ready to workout and tackle any WOD but she comes in with a smile.  You might be wondering why her graphic is different looking than the others, she's a hardcore Ohio State Fan :)

December 2014

The day this young lady walked into CrossFit The Tracks she gave it everything she had, and in the 6 months since then she's not stopped. Not many high school kids have the drive and determination that she does.  Zoe is an amazing girl who not only works hard in the gym, but she's amazing in school and life as well.  There's nothing better than watching Zoe and her mother, Zillery, enjoying a nice sweat together.  Watch out world, Zoe is coming and she's going to kick you butt in WHATEVER she chooses to do!

November 2014

For the past 2 years Duane has stepped up his game and improved with every class.  For the 18 months he did 1-2-1 work with a trainer since his limitations didn't allow him to do a class.  In mid 2014 he hopped into his first class and was hooked.  At 67 he's our oldest member, but that doesn't stop him from working as hard as the 20 year-old members.  Keep up the great work Duane! 


October 2014

I'm not sure this young lady knows when to stop!  No matter what hurdle or obstacle she faces, she finds a way to overcome it. Her passion to excel in and out of the box is obvious as she's always coming early and staying late to work on her craft.  But over and above what she does in the WODs, she's great for the community.  She's the 1st person to welcome a new athlete and the 1st one to volunteer for an event.


September 2014

Some people show up at the gym ready to give their all occasionally. Some show up in bad moods.  Derrick shows up in a great mood and ready to tackle ANY WOD every day.  He comes ready to take it to a new level every time he steps into the gym and he's always ready to learn more.  Derrick is the type of athlete every coach wishes they had.  Keep up the great work Derrick!

August 2014

 Not a day goes by when this guy doesn't come to the gym and go 100%.  He came to The Tracks on a journey ton continue a HUGE transformation to his body with 100+ pounds lost.  He's not only continued the journey, he's blazing new trails.  How bad does he want to get to the box ever day?  Recently his car broke down and instead of worrying about getting it fixed, he grabbed his bag and started the 2 mile walk to the gym!  Keep up the awesome and inspiring work Ryan.

 July 2014

 Nobody embraces a challenge like Melody.  With a background in body building and weight lifting she had a great foundation when she started CrossFit.  But right away she realized her lack of mobility was causing issues in WODs and lifts.  She embraced this and comes early and leaves late EVERY DAY!  She puts in the hard work that it takes to improve every day. On top of that, she was one of our first female athletes to get the elusive muscle-up, and it was a strict one!

June 2014

If there's one thing to be said about John it's POSITIVE!  John only knows one way and he comes into the gym every day ready to tackle whatever the task is.  In 2013 around the time John got into CrossFit he was running in a Tough Mudder with Matt.  He took a really hard spill on the 1/4 pipe and seperated his shoulder.  Despite the pain he was in, he battled through it and never gave up.  He finished the race and never looked back.  John has made huge strides in CrossFit but more than anything he's a huge part of our community at The Tracks. 

May 2014

Don't be fooled by what Greta will tell you about her abilities, she's probably the only one that doesn't know how AWESOME she is.  Greta takes every WOD with the seriousness that many of us don't realize.  She's always working to perfect her craft and she has a way to make us all smile :)

April 2014

Not many athletes come into CrossFit and start as hardcore as Jamie has.  Not only does he come prepared to tackle every WOD but he also has changed the way he eats and has taken things to a whole new level.  Of our 100+ members there aren't very many that we expect to see as often as we see Jamie.  Keep up the great work Jamie and you'll be back in the shape you were in when you were playing college football.

March 2014

She came to our gym with the comment "I'm going to give it a try, I miss it so much".  Karin had done CrossFit before and was coming off an injury.  She was scared that the injury would prevent her from continuing something she really loved, CrossFit.  Within a few weeks we all knew she was going to be fine.  From the heavy OLY lifts to the non-stop motor, Karin has it all.  She always comes to the gym ready for the WOD and NEVER has an excuse.  Keep up the great work Karin!

February 2014

Some ladies come into CrossFit and are intimidated by the Olympic lifts, NOT JEN!  She takes every movement head on and won't settle for being average.  She's not only made huge strides in her OLY movements but she's embraced the nutritional side of CrossFit as well.  This is one lady that won't be stopped, pretty soon she'll pass up her boyfriend in the weights she's moving:)

January 2014

Jon is ALWAYS pushing it to the limit, sometimes too much:)  What he's accomplished in under 6 months at The Tracks is remarkable.  We look forward to seeing where Jon is this time next year! We have no doubt he'll be one of the top athletes in his Masters division in Northern Kentucky.  Keep up the great work Jon

December 2013

Matt & Casey met Amanda when Rich had merged his CrossFit gym with the box they were working out at.  A few weeks into knowing each other Matt was at a competition watching Amanda and a few others from the box compete.  There was a WOD where the female had to hold a heavy weight at the top of a dead-lift while the guy rowed.  While most of the other ladies set their bars down multiple times, Amanda stood there and held it the ENTIRE WOD.  It was at that point Matt knew she was a different breed.  When she heard we were opening The Tracks, she was one of the first to hit us up on Facebook and one of our first members.  In the Fall Amanda embraced a clean eating lifestyle and kicked into high gear and took 2nd place in the No Baby Leave The Socks On all ladies competition.  She continues to amaze us all!

November 2013

Karen is as hardcore as an athlete can be.  This mother of 2 joined The Tracks late summer and told us that she had no interest in competitions and just wanted to get in shape after a few months away from CrossFit.  Within a few weeks we knew that we had one bad mom on our hands.  Karen has 1 speed and it's GO FAST!  Keep up the great work Karen!

October 2013 

Bruce is a MACHINE!  If you know him, you know this very well.  He's got a motor that never stops.  I'll never forget our July 4th HERO WOD.  I'd known Bruce for a few years, but he was at another Box at the time.  He dropped in to do the HERO WOD.  It was a brutal chipper.  I was walking around yelling at people and I noticed one of our members, Johh Westbrook, watching Bruce as he worked out.  He looked at me and said "what's wrong with that guy, has he stopped?"  A few minutes later as John tried unsuccessfully to catch Bruce he said "who is that, he's not stopping."  Bruce would go onto do the WOD unbroken and beat EVERYONE, even Casey.  The beating Casey part was the best because Casey said he'd do it again if someone beat him, watching Casey do it again was fun:)

September 2013

We can sum up Aimee with 1 word "DRIVE".  Aimee has drive, she goes hard and she has the motivation to become the best she can be.  I can't tell you how many times she's come into the box and see's the RX weight for the WOD and says "WHAT?"  But she ends up doing the RX weight and crushes the WOD.  Aimee has come so far since the time that we met her a year ago, keep up the great work Aimee, you're an inspiration. 

August 2013

John was the winner of our first contest for a 3 month membership on Facebook.  John's 1st day will always be remembered.  He showed up a few minutes late and informed us he had been in the building in front of ours in the MMA Studio doing a jump-rope warm-up there, it took him a few minutes to realize he wasn't at a CrossFit Box :)  

Once we got our laugh at John's expense, it was his turn!  He goes HARD during every WOD and if you beat him you better believe he'll sneak back later that day for a redo.  John embodies what CrossFit is all about.  He's always talking with new members and cheering everyone on.

July 2013

Ironically our July Athlete Of The Month was in class with our June AOM for her 1st ever CrossFit WOD.  Melanie is a true inspiration.  She has lost over 70lbs in 2013 (20+ in CrossFit) and even competed in her 1st CrossFit competition in August.  In her first email to Matt about coming to check out CF she was hesitant and unsure if it was for her.  Melanie was our first prospect to email us about joining our new Box.  After a few weeks we knew that we had a future AOM on our hands.  She puts in hard work, takes the extra steps to be successful outside of the gym.  Congrats Melanie

June 2013

On our first day of business, Monday June 3rd, 2 guys walked into Northern Kentucky's newest Box to see what CrossFit was all about.  One of those guys was Christopher Ruth.  He had heard of CrossFit and had become bored with going to the gym everyday and lifting.  After his 1st WOD he was hooked and said "where do I sign up!"  Christopher has taken his transition to CrossFit serious and June was a great month for him.  He started off barely able to do 1 double-under and by the end of June managed 150 DU's in a 3 minute test.  We know Chris is going to continue to make HUGE strides and we're proud to have him on our team!