What's a "WOD?"   One of our 1st members asked it that stood for "Wall Of Destruction" this week since we were writing the times and weights on the WOD Board.  Close, but it is actually CrossFit lingo for "Workout Of The Day.  Every day is different in CrossFit.  Each day in your class you will go through a Warm-Up, then a Weight Lifting Movement, followed by a Skill (like learning a Power Clean) and then last but not least you'll encounter the WOD, our Workout Of The Day. What we do leading up to the WOD is more than most gym goers do in their entire workout.  It's not uncommon to hear "Our Warm-Up Is Your Workout!"

On this page we post each day's WOD so you can know what to expect each day and prepare your gear and your mind for what's ahead!

Workout Of The Day

  • Weekly Programming Week of 2/5/18, CrossFit The Tracks, The Tracks Burn Class

    BURN SCHEDULEMONDAYSplit into 2 GroupsA) EMOM 220:00 - 5:0020 KB Figure 8 Swinghttps://youtu.be/xpHWMC2_e3c@ 6:00:45 Max Burpees1 min Rest8:00 - 13:0015 KB Deadlift High Pull@ 14:00:45 Max Burpees1 min Rest16:00 - 21:0010 Russian KB Swings@ 22:00:45 Max BurpeesB)2 RoundsEMOM x 14Jumping JacksJumping LungesLateral BoundsPlank reach through w/ DB DragSide Plank (switch half way through)Hollow HoldRestRepeat for 1 more round10 Minutes Volume20 Goblet Squats20 Single Leg Broad Jumps (10/leg)^ jump w...

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  • Weekly Programming Week of January 8th, CrossFit The Tracks, The Tracks Burn Class

    MONDAY CROSSFITWeightliftingCleani) 8:00 to find a heavy singleii) 12 x 1 every :30 @ 80-85% of heavy single*your task is to make 12 reps, not to use the heaviest weight possibleIf the prescribed load is too heavy, reduce it & be consistent**give 2:00 to change weight from heavy single to working weightWOD5 Rounds, each for time (24 min cap)18 Toes to Bar15 Burpee Box Jump Overs @ 24/2012 DB Thrusters @ 50/35Rest 2:00Strength *BONUS*5 x 8 @ 90-95% of last weeks 8MONDAY BURN CLASSES2 Rounds5 ...

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