Weekly Programming Week of April 18th - Northern Kentucky's CrossFit Gym!

Every time we do a competition Casey and I stress over volunteers and judges.Well, we were worried for no reason this weekend.We ask a lot of our members when we host competitions, but the payback comes to everyone in a different way.These comps arenot only great marketing for The Tracks and they allow many people to compete, but it generates revenue that allows us to reinvest in the gym and make it better for you.As you'll see this week, we've invested heavily in the new expansion.This was made possible by The Festivus Games.

What I realized this weekend is just how great the community at The Tracks really is. I've done 20+ comps and I've never seen one executed this smooth. We ran on-time, when we finished the gym was SPOTLESS, no parking issues, amazing judging, clean & stocked bathrooms all day, seamless scoring and then of course our favorite part,Vanessa Rosecoordinating Chipotle. Everyone that competed talked about how great the comp was and how well it was run. They kept telling Casey and I great job and I'd look at them and say thanks but we just unlocked the doors, our members did the rest!

The next time you see Dillon make sure you tell him how AWESOME he is.He worked his butt off to help us get this new space where it is and for any of you that saw it a month ago you know what that looked like.We are about 80% done.Still some final touches and a 4 station rig to install.We've kicked around many ways to use the new space and came up with the following.We will continue to use the main room for the main CrossFit classes.The extra room will be dedicate to bonus work/extra training outside of class, beginners classes and future classes (bootcamp, OLY, gymnastics, etc).
Sorry I Can't Get Enough Of This Scene
So Much More Room For Activities

Beginner Classes
These are held at 7pm on Monday and Wednesday and 6pm on Tuesday and Thursday.
Our CardioFit classes are also great for beginners, those classes are at 12noon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • 2:00Thoracic Extension w/ Peanut
  • 3 Rounds
    • 5 Inchworms
    • 10 Z Presses
    • 15 Good Mornings


  • Jerk Balance


40/2 ; 40+/2 ; 40+/2*3
  • Tall Jerk
40/3 ; 45/2 ; 50/1*3
  • BN Jerk
80/1*8 , EMOM

10 min AMRAP
21 Russian KB Swings - 70/55
15 Situps
9 Wall Balls -20/14
3 Strict Muscle Ups / Seated Banded Muscle Ups/ Toenail Pullups

Accumulate 100 Hollow Rocks
*5 Pavlof Presses / side each break
  • :60 sec Quad Smash
  • :45 sec Partner Calf Smash
  • 3 Rounds
    • :30 sec Rockback Breathing
    • :30 sec Banded Ankle
    • 5 Thoracic Bridges / side
    • 10 Goblet Squats

  • Back Squat
10RM, 90/10*3
  • Push Press
10RM ; 90/10*3
  • :45 sec Lat Smash
  • :45 sec Tricep Smash
  • :45 sec Shoulder Smash + Internal Rotation
  • Crossover Symmetry

Gymnastics (Handstands)

  • 5 x 8-12 Nose & Toes Taps + :20 - :30 second Hold
*L5: Hip Taps
*L4: Shoulder Taps
*L3: Hand Lifts & Pike Position on Box Shoulder Taps
*L2: Pike Position on Box Hand Lifts
*L1: Walk in & out of Pike Position
  • 5 x 12 Band Pullaparts
*superset with taps
  • 5 min Practicing Handstand Walks / Nose & Toes Lateral HS Walks / Conans / Inchworms

AMRAP 15 minutes
10 KB SN* (L) -55/35
10 KB SN* (R) - 55/35
20 Elevated Pushups** 35+35+35/25+25+25
30 Alternating Pistols
*KB SN is from hip, not ground.
**stack plates on top of each other, each round remove top plate. Round 1 will have 3 plates, Round 2 will have 2, round 3 will have 1 plate, remaining rounds will be from ground
  • 10 min with a Foam Roll / Lax Ball
  • Ring Warmup
  • 1000m Row Without Straps

Gymnastics (Skin the Cat)
  • Inverted Tuck
  • Inverted Hang
  • Inverted Tuck + Descend to Ground (Low Rings)
1000m Row for time
  • 2:00Thoracic Extension w/ Peanut
  • 3 Rounds
    • :15 sec 3 way Shoulder Distraction (1 per round)
    • :15 sec Banded Ankle
    • 10 Good Mornings
    • 10 OHS / Thruster

  • Snatch
85/1*6 , Every :90 seconds
  • Clean & Jerk
85/1*6 ; Every :90 seconds

5 Rounds for time
6 Muscle Ups
5* Deadlifts 135/85 ; 175/115
4* Hang Power Cleans
3* Front Squats
2* Shoulder to Overhead
*barbell complex must be unbroken or reset & start it over

3 x 10 V Ups 20 Tuck Ups 30 Hollow Rocks
Saturday - DO WORK!

9:30am & 11am Classes
Open Gym

Come work on a weakness, make-up a WOD from the past week or just get in a great mobility session!

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