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Don't Let Vacation Strike

This time of year is when everyone is hitting the beach and relaxing.  That's great, we all need a break but that doesn't mean you should take off 100% from working out.  You have a few options, you can drop-in at a gym near you and get in a workout, you can hit the hotel gym or you can do a WOD on your own.  If you are looking for some great travel WODs then check out the page on our site, there are many that you can do without any equipment and in a short period of time.  

Beginner Classes

These are held at 7pm on Monday and Wednesday and 6pm on Tuesday and Thursday.

Our CardioFit classes are also great for beginners, those classes are at 12noon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.



Ring Warmup

2 Rounds


10 Wall Slides

10 Band Pullaparts



L1 : 0 Strict Pullups

Reverse Tabata Kip w/ Sponge Between Feet

4 x 6-8 Toenail Pullups

3 x 8-12 Ring Rows

5 x 5 Box Dips, weight as able

L2 : 1-3 Strict Pullups

Reverse Tabata Kip w/ Sponge Between Feet

4 Rounds

1-3 Strict Pullups

1-3 Strict Dips

3 Rounds

8-12 Ring Rows

8-12 Pushups


L1 : 5/3 Strict Pullups & Ring Dips

Reverse Tabata Kip w/ Sponge Between Feet

10 x 3,2,1 MU Drill

10 x 2 Seated Banded Muscle Ups

5 Minutes Practicing Strict Muscle Ups

L3 : 1-3 Strict Muscle Up

Reverse Tabata Hollow Arch Kips w/ Sponge Between Feet

8 minutes Volume : Strict Muscle Ups + :03 sec hold at Top & bottom of dip

3 x 8-12 Ring Rows, elevate feet as able

L5 : 5+ Strict Muscle Ups

5 Rounds

3 Deep Chest to Ring Pullups

3 Muscle Up Transition Rocks

3 Strict Muscle Ups


5 Rounds (20 minute Cap)

300m Run

5 Power Cleans 115/75 ; 155/125

5 Overhead Squats



:90 sec Quad Smash

:60 sec Calf Smash

3 Rounds

:15 sec Elevated Pigeon

:15 sec Banded Frog

8 Heavy Double KB Front Squats


Back Squat

3 x 3 @ last week's 5RM


For Time

30 Wall Balls 20/14 ; 30/20

30 KB SN, alt every 5 reps 55/35 ; 70/45

120 Double Unders

20 Wall Balls

20 KB SN

90 Double Unders

10 Wall Balls

10 KB Snatches

60 Double Unders



Crossover Symmetry

3 Rounds

:15 sec KB Arm Bar

:15 sec Banded Ankle

:15 sec Thoracic Extension Hold


Hang Clean

2RM ; 100/1*3 ; 90/2*2


Partner AMRAP 20 min

40 Calories on the Bike

30 Toes to Bar

20 Power Snatch 95/65

10 Muscle Ups / Chest to Bar Pullups / Pullups



10 min with a Foam Roller

Ring Warmup


Skin The Cat Warmup

Inverted Tuck x 3

Inverted Hang x 2

L1: Continue Practicing Tuck & Hang

L2: Progress to Controlled Descent & Practice German Hangs

L3: Practice German Hangs & Skin the Cats

L4: Skin the Cat + Pause in German Hang. Start to work lowering 45 degrees from inverted hang

L5 : Skin the Cats + Pause in German Hang. Progress to Back Lever


AMRAP 12 minutes

50 Calorie Row

40 Alt Pistols

30 Situps

20 Push-ups



:60 sec Lat Smash

:60 sec Tricep Smash

3 Rounds

:15 sec Banded Ankle

:15 sec Rib Pull

:15 sec External Rotation w/ PVC Pipe


Clean & Jerk

75-85/2*5 ; 85-90/1*3


Granite Games WOD


9:30am & 11am Team WOD

Bring A Friend


Open Gym 9;30am-12noon

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